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Welcome to the Fond du Lac Area Foundation's Scholarship Portal!

Our Foundation regularly supplies over $250,000 in scholarships a year to help locally based students pay for college. Thank you to our fund donors who make this all possible and to our application readers for their part in our award process!

To view our current awards roster, click 
Explore Scholarships below. Awards with descriptions ending in an Apply Now button are community-based (decided by committees external of the Foundation) and applicable through those buttoned links. Award descriptions without Apply Now buttons are in-house at the Foundation and applicable using a common form available to fill out every spring in this portal.

A student may apply to our in-house scholarships by first creating a student account in this portal. All scholarship seekers should click the APPLY button below to establish these accounts. If you created a student account last year, that account is still active and you can sign in again using those login credentials. Students may only access the common applications if they have portal accounts. 

Our common scholarship applications for the 2024-2025 academic year are now CLOSED.

Annual Common Application Due Dates:
For graduating high school seniors: March 31
For current and ongoing college students: April 15

Best of luck to all of this year's applicants! Most award communications should be made by mid to late June.


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(Applicants, if you are creating your account today, please use a personal email address in your account creation as your high school email will expire after you graduate.)

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